About Sloppy Baby

In 2005, Nichole Montoya and Nesha Thompson, sisters and co-founders of Sloppy Baby, identified what they felt was a clear gap in the children’s market.  Having newborn daughters within only five months of each other, both struggled to find fashionable baby accessories.

After months of research and design, Sloppy Baby was formed and rolled out a stylish line of Bib & Burp Cloth Sets, which merged both form and function.  The Bib & Burp Cloth Sets combined a modern design with fresh, high-quality fabrics, creating the chic look they desired.

Sloppy Baby’s second product was the result of a sensory condition that one of their daughter’s was diagnosed with. Realizing the value of sensory-stimulating products, Sloppy Baby designed and introduced an ultra-luxe Sensory Baby Blanket. The blanket features a patchwork design made up of nine squares that combine cotton prints with a mix of plush textures, resulting in an amazing sensory experience for babies and toddlers. 

Since its inception, Sloppy Baby has experienced tremendous growth. Its products continue to gain popularity and awareness among consumers and are sold at an increasing number of retailers.

Whether you’ve landed at our website to buy a gift for a special someone or to simply update your child’s accessory entourage, we hope you enjoy our product line.

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